Transformers TCG at The Battlegrounds!

Transformers TCG is here at The Battlegrounds!

 Made by Wizards of the Coast, the company that brought you Magic: The Gathering!


The Transformers TCG is a fast-paced trading card game for 2 players. Build a team of Transformers Character Cards and a deck of Battle Cards, and then jump right into battle!

Each player builds a team of Transformers Character Cards (up to 25 stars when stars on Character Cards are added together), and a deck of 40 or more Battle Cards. Always wanted to have Starscream and Bumblebee fight together? You got it! You can mix and match character cards between factions so that your ultimate fan teams can come to life!



There are currently two main factions, Autobots and Decepticons. Don't worry though! You can mix and match the two factions to craft the team and battle deck right for you!


This game is shaping up to be a quick and exciting take on the already awesome Transformers universe! We are fully stocked on sealed product AND singles! Like the Autobots Starter set which includes exclusive character cards Red Alert and Iron Hide!


More of a Decepticon fan? Nemesis Prime will fill out your team! One of the rarest and most powerful cards in the Transformers TCG this card is only found in booster packs.




We are also accepting pre-orders for the upcoming Metroplex expansion! Make your reservation in store today! Availaible 11/21/2018!

 Don't miss out on the oppurtunity to get in on this red hot game before all the product is snatched up! Worried you might drop a little too much cash on this game? Use the coupon code "autobotsrollout" at checkout to get a sweet 10% off your Transformers order! (Valid thru 10/24/2018)



Guilds of Ravnica Rundown

Guilds of Ravnica is just around the corner and with it comes a new standard rotation along with a ton of brand new cards and some very much appreciated reprints like Chromatic Lantern and the return of the shock lands!


This set has a ton of new mechanics coming to it as well.


Surveil is kind of like scrying but for your graveyard, sure to be a favorite of the zombie players!

Undergrowth checks how many creatures are in your graveyard when you cast a spell, making for some pretty cool interactions!


Mentor is Boros through and through. Making your smaller dudes bigger!

Jump-Start is kind of like flash back but kind of not, it has its own Izzet twist to it!

Convoke is a returning mechanic for Selesnya. Turning your creatures into mana for 10+ years!



Guilds of Ravnica is shaping up to be one of the most defining sets in the last five years. With insane power in the cards (Looking at you, Assassin's Trophy) and enough flavor to get the job done multiple times over. This set not only looks like a ton of fun it is going to impact formats beyond standard as well. We are looking forward to hosting a ton of events for Guilds and we hope to see you all at them!


Here is a quick list of the upcoming events for Guilds:

Guilds of Ravnica Pre-release Weekend:

Dates: September, 29-30, 2018

Midnight Launch Party after FNM
12 & 4 P.M. Saturday
12 P.M. Sunday

30$ per person
(25$ if you pre-register on or before 9/28/18)


GRN FNM Standard:

Every Friday at 6:30 P.M.

Free to play and always a blast! Check out the cool promos we will be handing out at each tourney as well!

To celebrate all things Ravnica, we will be hosting Ravnica Weekend November 9-11. Players can come in and play four-pack Drafts, casual Guild Kit battles, and a special preview adventure from the Guildmaster’s Guide to Ravnica, the upcoming Magic/Dungeons & Dragons crossover book. Just for participating, you could get this or one of the many other guild affiliated lands!


Ravnica Draft Weekend (October 6–7): is the weekend Guilds of Ravnica releases to the public, and a weekend of many drafts! Participate and get started with your research on the set.

Magic League (starting October 8) is a fun way to grab a few packs and play smaller, quick Sealed games with friends at the store. If you complete at least ten matches in the Magic League, you can get this version of Necrotic Wound! 

Store Championships on September 10–16 are technically the Core Set 2019 Store Championships, but participating can earn you a Guilds of Ravnica promo card! Win the whole thing, and you'll also get a playmat. 


Now that is a ton of stuff! We are super excited about this set and we hope this article helps get you as pumped as we are! Keep an eye out on our Facebook page for more information regarding all of our events and specials we have going on!

Shadows in Valhalla

Shadows in Valhalla is almost here! The set orginally slated for last week was pushed back until this week due to shipping problems, but have no fear! The set will be arriving on our shelves this Thursday! (8/16/18) 


With this set comes 60 cards some of which are reprints. Every pack will contain at least 1 secret rare and 4 super rares so this set will be packed with value!


Here are a couple of sample cards coming out of Shadows in Valhalla that feature new cards for already established Archetypes.


On top of being a returning archetype of Ninja they have also added the link monster type to it. It should prove for some interesting interactions.


Also showing up in this set is a brand new archetype known as Valkyrie. Based off the mythological norse creatures these cards are sure to bring some flavor to the table when they arrive!

These are just a couple of cards and archetypes out of the upcoming set so make sure to stop by The Battlegrounds and pick up your boxes/booster packs this Thursday!




Commander 2018 is almost here!

Commander 2018 is just around the corner! Releasing this Friday August, 10, 2018! With four new 100 card pre-con commander decks coming with plenty of brand new cards as well as some pretty cool reprints this set is gearing up to shake things up in the commander world. The first thing to notice is that all four new commander decks have a planeswalker commander as their main focus, each with their own unique abilites never before seen on planeswalker card. One of the brand new cards, Aminatou, the Fateshifter, literally shifts the entire board to the left or right with her ultimate ability making for some really awesome interactions with your other cards. Here are the rest of the commanders in the set:



As you can see each of these planeswalkers brings something new and unique to the table. Wether you like control, combo, aggro, or just blowing things up this commander set has something for you! Along with some amazing abilities the art for these cards is downright beautiful! These are just four of the four HUNDRED cards in this new commander set! We will have plenty in stock but these are sure to fly off our shelves so make sure to swing by The Battlegrounds this Friday when they release!

Warhammer 40K Kill Team

Kill Team at The Battlegrounds!

Warhammer 40K Kill Team is here! A new smaller scale, faster paced version of its bigger brother Warhammer 40K. Based around a small squad where you individually control each model in guerilla warfare this game is packed to the brim with action and excitement!


Played at a much smaller scale Kill Team games last roughly 45 minutes to an hour and there is little to no downtime due to the extreme close quarters of the combat.


Here are a couple of the factions that are out now! Starting at just $49.99 a box.


These sets include everything you need to play Kill Team. A full squadron of combatants, data cards and sheets, and terrain to use while playing. There are a ton more factions to play so if you don't see one you like here don't worry there are plenty more to choose from! Keep an eye out for them in store. Also for veteran players of Warhammer you can use the models you already own to craft your very own Kill Team Squad!

Keep an eye out for our upcoming Kill Team events where we will have people in store teaching and playing. We look forward to building a Kill Team community here at The Battlegrounds and we hope to see you here!


Pokemon Celestial Storm Pre-release!

Pokemon Celestial Storm Pre-release

This Sunday is our Celestial Storm Pre-release! This will be our first Pokemon pre-release here at The Battlegrounds and we are hoping its a great one. We would love to grow our Pokemon Community and have a local place for people to play here in Dalton. We hope to see you there!


Here are a couple cards that will be released with the set:


(Mention one of these cards at checkout for 10% off your Pokemon purchase! One per customer, some exclusions may apply, Valid thru 7/30/18)

As you can see this set is looking awesome! So keep an eye out for some of these cards when you're playing in the pre-release this Sunday!



Here is all of the tournament info:

Sunday: 12 P.M.-6 P.M.
Entry: 30$
Rounds: Based on attendance.

Each player will receive a prerelease kit that includes 4 Celestial Storm packs, an evolution pack, and a promo card.

Players will use the prerelease kit to build a 40-card deck.

Prize Support: Every player will receive an extra 3 booster packs of Celestial Storm at the end of the tournament! As well as special promos for our top finishers!

Players of all skill levels welcome!

Make sure to stop on by this Sunday and have a blast playing some Pokemon!

Yu-Gi-Oh! Sneak Peek at The Battlegrounds


Cybernetic Horizon Sneak Peek!

This Saturday we will be hosting our Sneak Peek for the upcoming Yu-Gi-Oh! set Cybernetic Horizon. These events are always packed out and a ton of fun to run so we hope to see all of you there this Saturday! (7/21/2018) As always it will be in a constructed Advanced format.


Advanced format includes the Forbidden List, the Limited List, and the Semi-Limited List. Each player will receive five booster packs of Cybernetic Horizon and then play in an Advanced format tournament with the winner receiving a special playmat! Every player will also receive a special promo card (Contact Gate). 


Here are a couple cards to keep an eye out for when cracking your packs Saturday!

Borrelsword Dragon is a new Link Monster from the upcoming set.

3+ Effect Monsters

Cannot be destroyed by battle. Once per turn (Quick Effect): You can target 1 Attack position monster; change it to Defense Position, and if you do, this card can make a second attack during each Battle Phase this turn. Your opponent cannot activate cards or effects in response to this effect's activation. Once per turn, when this card declares an attack on a face-up monster: You can make this card gain ATK equal to half that monster's ATK, and if you do that monster's ATK becomes half its current ATK. These changes last until the end of this turn.


Mirror Force Launcher is a new trap card from the upcoming set.

There you have it. Those are just two of a TON of new cards coming out in Cybernetic Horizon. So make sure to stop by for the weekends sneak peek to get yours early! If you have any questions about event times or entry fees check out our Facebook event for all the info!

What do we buy?

Guide to what we buy here at The Battlegrounds Games & Comics:

We often get asked the question, "What do you guys buy?" Today we have decided to dedicate a news article to help answer that burning question.


DVDs and other Digital Media:

When purchasing DVDs and other digital media (Records, CDs, Blu-rays, etc.) there are a choice few types that we look for. T.V. Series and Anime as well as a few choice older rare movies and new releases are the main types of things we are looking for. Due to the rise of services like Netflix, Hulu, and HBO Go a large portion of DVDs and other digital media have been reduced to almost negligible prices, and we can't pay any cash on them. Although if have some of the aforementioned types of movies we can and will pay cash for those!



With videogames what we can buy opens up slightly. Anything from the newest generation of consoles (Xbox One, Ps4, Nintendo Switch) we will pay cash for as well as most Retro games, (Atari, NES, SNES, Sega, N64, etc.) and any game that has general value. Video Game consoles of the same eras also fall under this category.


Collectibles can range from Autographs (Must be certified by a Third-party authentication company) to POP! Vinyl Collections to Old Sports Cards (Rookie Cards or anything before 1980, some exceptions may apply. e.g. Ken Griffey Jr. Rookie Card) and everything in between. It is hard to nail down an exact list in this category as it is just so broad. Anything pop culture related or vintage collectible memoriabilia falls into this category.



As far as comics go we buy anything from the Golden, Silver, and Bronze Ages. We also will buy any Modern KEY issues. (First appearances, Pivotal Story Moments, Character Deaths, etc.) Collections of all sizes are welcome! Whether it is a single long box, or one hundred we are interested! We are currently not purchasing what we would call "bulk" comics; which is defined as mostly modern comics which do not have important story elements to them. 



Vintage Toys:

Vintage toys of all kinds are things we are interested in. G.I. Joe, Power Rangers, Transformers, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, He-man, Star Wars, Marvel Super Heroes, D.C. Super Heroes, Jurassic Park, and many more things fall under this category.



We will buy Magic, Pokemon, and Yugioh. Collections or individual cards. No collection is too small or too large, we will buy it all! As far as other TCGs go they may be subject to a store credit only policy depending on the game. We are even interested in all bulk from Magic, Pokemon, and Yugioh. These will be purchased by the thousand at a flat price. 




We hope this small guide can help you in determining what in your collection we would be interested in buying!


If you are interested in selling your collection or would like an appraisal on your collection please contact us by either calling the store (706-259-9704) or messaging us on Facebook to setup an appointment with one of our buyers on staff. 



Note: This list is not Comprehensive or Exhaustive. There may be certain things that were not listed here or that we do not normally buy that are subject to change!


MTG Ban List Update

MTG Banned & Restricted List Update


As of this morning Gitaxian Probe and Deathrite Shaman have been BANNED in Legacy Format Magic. Effective July, 6, 2018. With the departure of these cards we are likely to see a rise of new and diverse decks in the Legacy format.

Gitaxian Probe has previously been banned in Modern but has not been banned in Legacy as well. To put it simply "free" casting cost cards that give you information and let you draw a card are just a little too good in a format where your hand structure is so important. Both Grixis Delver and ANT rely heavily on this card to assure that they can get enough cards in the graveyard for Delving purposes or to make sure that they can safely combo off. This ban should help the overall health of Legacy and help shake the meta up.


Deathrite shaman was an oppresive card for many decks that worked out of the graveyard and was an auto include in some of the top decks in the format. We may now see the resurgence of Reanimator and maybe even Dredge with the ban. While being oppresive as a card it was also very cheap at just one mana to cast and only one mana to activate two of its three abilities this card has proven to be very powerful and influential on the Legacy format.

With this ban you may have a few deck ideas popping into your head. Don't forget to stop by The Battlegrounds and we can make sure your deck is up to snuff when you take it into a tournament!

Core Set 2019 Pre-Release Primer

Core Set 2019 Pre-Release Primer


With the upcoming release of Core Set 2019 Magic returns to its original rotation and release schedule of a core set and then three themed sets. They have hit the ground running with M19 by printing a ton of very competitive cards as well as reprinting some powerful cards from Magic's past. With cards like Omniscience, Crucible of Worlds, and Scapeshift returning this set of Magic is shaping up to be one of the most influental on the Standard Meta. Here a few cards to keep an eye on when you're crafting your sealed deck next week.



As per-usual there is a cycle of Planeswalkers from this core set all based around the 5 main colors. Within the limited format they will be incredibly powerful and if you are lucky enough to get one your opponents will have a difficult time finding an answer for them before you can over take them and win the game! Along side the Planeswalkers there are also quite a few powerful Creature cards in this set. Demon of Catasrophes is a powerhouse even in the consturcted environment. At just 4 mana and only needing to sacrifice 1 creature to play him keep an eye out for this rare it will definitley be seeing play in the next standard format.


As always The Battlegrounds is hosting its Pre-release weekend coming up in just a week and a half. With 4 chances to play (Midnight following FNM, Saturday at 12 and 4 P.M., and Sunday at 12 P.M.) There are plenty of ways to get in on this amazing new set! Don't forget if you register early before 6/3/2018 you will receive 5 dollars off your entry fee. For all the info on the Pre-release weekend check out our events on our Facebook page.


We hope to see you all this Pre-release weekend!