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Sun & Moon—Forbidden Light
Sun & Moon SeriesMay 04, 2018

Sun & Moon—Forbidden Light

Dominaria Prerelease Primer

Are you ready for the Dominaria prerelease? We here at The Battlegrounds are! If you need to get caught up to speed on whats going on then this article is for you!



Dominaria is one of the oldest settings in the Magic the Gathering universe and Dominaria brings us right back into the action with many of the old characters showing back up. With appaerances from Teferi, Karn, and Jhoria!


From brand new card types like sagas to old key words like Kicker this set has a little something for everyone. Packed with flavorful cards and tons of competitive options this set is looking to be one of the best Wizards has released. Focused heavily on Legendary creatures and interactions with them this set brings in a new keyword; Historic.  Which refers to Artifact, Legendary, and Saga type cards. With 269 cards in it this set is huge and filled with possibilities!



The tournament will be a Limited Sealed tournament. Each participant will receive a prerelease pack with their entry fee which will have 6 booster backs and one Spin down life counter




40 Card Minimum Deck. Decks will be made from the contents of your prerelease pack. Trading cards with friends or using cards not included with the pack is NOT allowed.


45 Minute Deck construction and 50 Minute rounds. 5 Turn overtime.


No cheating of any kind will be permitted. If you have to ask what you are doing is cheating it probably is.


Have fun! Prereleases are meant to be a fun and community driven environment so have a blast!



When is the Prerelease?     All weekend long (April 21-22)! Starting at midnight following FNM there will be 4 events to play in. (12 A.M. Saturday, 12 P.M. & 4 P.M. Saturday, and 12 P.M. Sunday

How much does it cost? 25 Dollars if you pre-register, 30 Dollars if you do not.

Will there be food provided? Yes, At the midnight launch party around 11:30 pizza will be delivered for all participants.

Can I use the special promo received in my prerelease box? Yes! All cards included with your prerelease box are available for play!

When is the cut off for early registration? The Thursday before the prerelease at the end of business hours.

Any additional questions? Check out our events page on Facebook or feel free to call the store. Or just come in and we will be happy to answer any questions you might have! We are excited to see everyone during this big weekend!




With four events to choose from this weekend is going to be packed with Magic the Gathering! Make sure to reserve your spot today by coming in and talking to any of our sales associates who can get you signed up and ready to go!


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